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In the land of the living.

On December 21, I went to see Santa. My soon-to-be-8-year-old son wanted to see Santa, so I agreed to wait in line with him. It was so hot. My heavy wool coat was draped over my arm because it was humid in the tropical conservatory at Fredrick Meijer Gardens where Santa was stationed for the … Continue reading In the land of the living.

Really old graffiti.

My good friend texted this phrase this morning: “Life has been relentless this month.” Relentless. Do you feel that way? In the past two weeks, our family has had a health scare, a back injury, and two Covid exposures with all the resulting contingency plans. Nothing catastrophic, but I resonated with the word “relentless” when … Continue reading Really old graffiti.

You can’t make old friends.

“No one knows you like they know youAnd no one probably ever will.You can grow up, make new ones,But truth is there’s nothing like old friends.‘Cause you can’t make old friends.” Ben Rector, “You Can’t Make Old Friends” from the album Magic On the first day of school when I was 10, the new girl … Continue reading You can’t make old friends.

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