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You can’t make old friends.

“No one knows you like they know youAnd no one probably ever will.You can grow up, make new ones,But truth is there’s nothing like old friends.‘Cause you can’t make old friends.” Ben Rector, “You Can’t Make Old Friends” from the album Magic On the first day of school when I was 10, the new girl … Continue reading You can’t make old friends.

Beholding vs. consuming

Consuming a moment. I tried to consume a moment last week, and save it for later. We were on vacation on the Pacific coast of Washington, in Olympic National Park. It was late morning on a Wednesday, and we wanted to get to a beach for low tide. We hoped to maybe see a starfish. … Continue reading Beholding vs. consuming


When I was a teenager, I sweated at the McDonalds drive-thru and saved my after-tax dollars to buy clothes. Minimum wage took ages to add up to a pair of Guess jeans, so when my friends hung out at restaurants, I would order a Coke and say I wasn’t hungry. There was no sense in … Continue reading Feast.

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