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Sunrise Sacrament

This morning I was reading by lamplight in our cozy living room, with all the curtains closed. My six-year-old son slid across the wood floors toward the front windows, shouting, “Mommy open your curtains! You’re totally missing the sky!” I was totally missing it. “Sky 2020” has been quite a show, especially this fall. The … Continue reading Sunrise Sacrament

Jarritos and Hermitage.

Last week there was an empty Jarritos bottle in the cupholder of my minivan that made me smile every time I saw it. When I saw that bottle, I remembered my son hopping out of the car, guzzling the last inch of fruit punch Jarritos, and saying, “Thanks Mom. Love you,” before dashing back inside … Continue reading Jarritos and Hermitage.

“The Long Cut”

Last weekend, we were driving our minivan home through the Appalachian mountains with the kids. It had been a long day in the van, and fast food was the plan for dinner. We couldn’t agree on one restaurant, so we chose both Taco Bell and McDonald’s, the best options at that highway exit. At the … Continue reading “The Long Cut”

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