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When I was a teenager, I sweated at the McDonalds drive-thru and saved my after-tax dollars to buy clothes. Minimum wage took ages to add up to a pair of Guess jeans, so when my friends hung out at restaurants, I would order a Coke and say I wasn’t hungry. There was no sense in … Continue reading Feast.


Is a chapter just about to end for you? For so many of us, the end of another school year is approaching. Perhaps you are not a sentimental person, but most of us get caught up in daily life and forget the essential things that matter most to us. Here are a few things that … Continue reading Celebrate.

Dream House: 505

Can you picture your childhood house? This was mine from age 0-26, in Villa Park,IL. When my parents bought it, my dad said, “Mary, this is going to be your dream house.” Actually, my mom dreamed of a house with a big front porch like the one she grew up in. But year after year … Continue reading Dream House: 505

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