A few hours ago, I sat across a fast-food table from my 8-year-old drinking a peppermint chip milkshake.  (My original idea was to eat healthy before Thanksgiving tomorrow, but plans changed.) We were on a lunch date. He wanted to bring a deck of Empathy Cards, which is a kind of game, like table topics. … Continue reading Nourish.


Last Sunday afternoon, we were setting down plates and moving serving dishes from the kitchen to the table. My 8-year-old said, “Mom, why do we only have lunch together on Sundays?” “What do you mean?” I asked. “I mean, like, we don’t eat lunch together on Saturdays or any other day…we just come in and … Continue reading Lunch.


This is harder than I thought. Yesterday I hosted a group of clients in person for about 5 hours on our corporate campus. I came home before 5:00, and fell deeply, soundly asleep for an hour. I had a terrible headache, stiff neck, and dry throat. Even this morning, after a full nights’ sleep, I still have bags under my eyes.